Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Packages

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the components included in our comprehensive content marketing and social media marketing packages. Whether you’re a small business laying the groundwork for marketing success or a large organization looking to accelerate your efforts and take your company’s marketing to the next level, we have a package to fit your needs!

How We Work – All Packages

Initial Engagement

(Requires One-Time Engagement Fee: $500)

Research and Discovery

  • Review your questionnaire responses
    We’ll send you a questionnaire to learn about your social media marketing, existing blog, newsletter, competition, target customers, and more.
  • One-hour phone interview
    At the onset of your engagement, we’ll discuss your business and content marketing goals in a one-hour conference call.
  • Assess your online content and social media presence
    Once we’ve reviewed your questionnaire, we will evaluate your current marketing efforts in order to develop an effective strategy for your content marketing engagement.
  • Conduct market research and assess your competitors’ online presence


  • Develop big picture strategy to guide your six-month engagement
    After the review of your current content marketing efforts, we will develop a strategy to inform the creation of your content.


Planning and Scheduling

  • Generate content topic ideas for blog and social media posts
    We’ll develop a list of 10-12 topic ideas for your upcoming content.
  • Create monthly editorial calendar with publishing schedule for your content
    Prior to the beginning of each month, we will create a calendar outlining the approved topics and publishing schedule for all of your content.

Content Creation Blog & Social Media Posts

  • Write engaging and informative content for blog posts that provide value to your target audience (350-750 words per post in Google Docs).
  • Strategically incorporate keywords you’ve provided to optimize the content and increase visibility in search engines.
  • Create keyword-rich post titles, descriptions, and headings.
  • Determine the appropriate categories and tags.
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Create new post in your existing content management system (CMS) using an established template. (Blog setup is available for a separate cost if applicable)
  • Write summary or introductory content for social media posts.

Design – Blog & Social Media Posts

  • Design custom graphics and source imagery for blog posts.
  • Design branded graphics for social media posts.
  • Format approved copy and graphics.


  • Publish blog posts on your website.
  • Schedule distribution of social posts for the month using Buffer or other scheduling tool.

Response Management

  • Monitor your blog and social media channel(s) for comments, questions, and feedback that may influence our strategy for future blog or social media posts.
  • Respond to reader comments on blog and social media.

Measuring and Reporting

  • Review metrics and provide a monthly report.
  • Phone call to review month’s stats and share meaning.

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