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Comprehensive Packages that Maximize your Marketing Dollars

MOMO Digital Design develops content marketing strategies and executes them through the creation of original, engaging, and informative content. We help small businesses create a foundation for content and social media marketing success and allow larger companies to greatly enhance their efforts and dominate their industry. We work as an extension of your team and provide marketing expertise without the overhead.

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  • Begin building an online presence with strategically created content

    This package is designed for small businesses getting started with content and social media marketing. The nature of online marketing is that it takes time to take effect, so starting now is better than starting later. And starting small is better than not starting at all.

    Big-Picture Strategy
    1 Blog Post
    1 (primary) Social Media Channel
    12 Posts on Social Media
    Social Media Management


  • $500
    One-Time Engagement Fee
  • $2,200
  • MO
  • Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level
    This package is designed for businesses that are ready to take their content and social media marketing to the next level. We help you gain credibility and build authority with your ideal customers by establishing a consistent online presence with high quality, branded content.

    Big-Picture Strategy
    2 Blog Post
    2 (primary) Social Media Channels
    18 Posts on Social Media
    Social Media Management


  • $500
    One-Time Engagement Fee
  • $3,300
  • MOMO
  • More strategic content equals faster results
    Achieve the results you want faster with more high-value content published consistently through your top social media channels. With this package, you are engaging your audiences frequently and improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

    Big-Picture Strategy
    4 Blog Post
    3 (primary) Social Media Channels
    36 Posts on Social Media
    Social Media Management


  • $500
    One-Time Engagement Fee
  • $5,500

Comprehensive Content Packages

All content and social media marketing packages include:


  • Develop big picture strategy to guide your six-month engagement

Planning and Scheduling

  • Generate content topic ideas for your industry and target markets
  • Create and maintain monthly editorial calendar with publishing schedule


  • Write original content for blog posts
  • Write summary or introductory content for social media posts


  • Design and source custom graphics for blog posts
  • Design branded graphics for social media posts


  • Publish blog posts on your website
  • Publish social media posts on your social media channel(s)

Response Management

  • Monitor discussions on your blog and social platforms

Measuring and Reporting

  • Review metrics and create monthly progress report

All packages require a 6-month commitment

To see the results of online marketing efforts, you must create a strategy that you evaluate and modify based on your results over time. Any efforts abandoned earlier than six months or not continually measured and analyzed are a waste of your marketing dollars.

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