MO Branding Package

Full Brand Identity Development

Includes everything from the MINI-MO Package Plus MUCH MORE!

Research and Discovery

  • Review Your Answers to Our Questionnaire (MINI-MO)
    We’ll send you a comprehensive branding questionnaire to ask about your key objectives, brand personality preferences, competition, target customers, and much more.
  • 1 Hour Interview
    After reviewing your questionnaire responses, we’ll meet with you (if in Tampa Bay area) to clarify answers and dive further into understanding the essence of the brand you envision.
  • Market Research
    After reviewing your questionnaire and speaking with you to learn more about your business, we’ll conduct research that helps to narrow down your prospective customer base, so we can develop a targeted brand strategy.

Strategy and Conception

  • 2-3 Brand Concept Creations
    A brand concept is the general idea or abstract meaning behind a brand. Based on the findings we include in the creative brief, we’ll provide 2-3 concepts for your choice.
  • Creative Brief (MINI-MO)
    Once the initial steps described above have been taken and a concept selected, we’ll create a document (your creative brief) summarizing our findings and outlining our intentions for beginning the verbal and visual brand identity elements.

Verbal Identity Elements (Writing)

  • Tagline/Slogan (MINI-MO)
    A tagline or slogan is catchphrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to identify a product or company. It’s a key brand message that is memorable to consumers. The challenge is creating a tagline that is creative, compelling, and succinct. We’ll develop a tagline that does all that.
  • Brand Framework
    A brand framework defines the experience and relationship a company aspires to achieve. The framework consists of a series of assets (brand promise, brand pillars, rational and emotional benefits, and brand personality) that are aligned to strategic business objectives to guide its expression – both internally and externally.
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Brand Promise
    Succinct declaration of the promise you commit to deliver at every customer touch point.
  • Brand Positioning
    A statement highlighting the unique and tangible benefits a customer receives from a company, product, or service.
  • Value Proposition
    The unique way you deliver value through your products, services, places, and people.
  • Brand Essence
    The distillation of a brand into a succinct core concept. This concept directly equates to the brand in the simplest terms and is fundamentally rooted in customer need.
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Pillars
    The most important attributes and principles that you want communicated through your brand
  • Brand Personality
    The brand’s identity expressed in terms of human characteristics/attributes which personify the brand message.
  • Summary of Benefits – Rational
    Benefit based on a product or service attribute that provides functional utility to the customer.
  • Summary of Benefits – Emotional
  • Human Value Benefits
  • Brand Verbiage
    Keywords and phrases used to describe brand.
  • Boilerplate Statement/About Description (1-2 paragraph statement) (MINI-MO)
    The boilerplate statement is a well-crafted description of your business that can be used in many different applications, including your website, brochures, press releases, social media pages, etc.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (2-4 sentence statement) (MINI-MO)
    Your USP is a key component of any branding or marketing strategy and should not be overlooked. While it’s easy for consumers to see how you’re similar to your competition, your USP is intended to distinguish you by highlighting how your company serves their needs better.
  • Product or Service Descriptions (5 Max) (MINI-MO)
    Clear, informative descriptions of your products or services that speak to your potential customers are necessary for business success. For each product or service, we’ll write a description that clearly defines the key features, explains the benefits, and provides other essential information your customers need to make an informed purchasing decision.
  • Marketing Messages
    Key written messages that support primary and secondary benefits of your product or service.
  • Key Message Benefits
  • Headline Ideas
    Headline ideas that can be used on a variety of marketing and advertising tools and materials, such as your website, email marketing, blog posts, etc.

Visual Identity Elements (Design)

  • Full Color Palette (MINI-MO)
    We will work with you, based on your Creative Brief, to select appropriate colors that reflect your brand’s personality and tone. Primary colors that will be used in your logo and secondary or support colors will be established and defined.

    • Your full color palette will include two – five primary and secondary colors, with additional familial hues, defined in RGB, HEX, and CMYK color values.
  • Font Styles (MINI-MO)
    Font styles will also be chosen that reflect your brand’s essence. We will work with you to select font styles and recommend several fonts to be used to develop your logo and on marketing materials.

    • Costs for any commercial font licenses selected will be quoted and billed separately.
  • Logo Design (MINI-MO)
    Your logo is an important element of your brand. Although its purpose is not to communicate what your business does, it still can be the anchor of your visual identity. Read our blog post about effective logo design to learn more about a logo’s purpose.

    • Two to three initial concept mock-ups (sketches)
    • Up to four rounds of revisions to one concept of your choice
    • Final logo design provided in jpg, eps, and png file formats
    • Final logo design provided in print (CMYK, 300 dpi) and web (RGB, 72 dpi) versions
  • Establish and identify Standards for Logo Use
    Visual instructions that demonstrate incorrect usage of your logo.
  • Create and Identify Potential Support Graphics
    Other graphical elements in addition to your logo that help to create brand recognition.
  • Identify Photography Style and Standard Subjects
    Review and select stock photography that represents your brand’s essence, tone, and personality.

    • Based on your needs, we may recommend purchasing stock photography or working with a local photographer to photograph your location, team, or products. Stock photos and photo shoots are not included in this package, but we can help to coordinate their purchase.

Marketing Materials

  • Business Card Design (MINI-MO)
    Despite the nature of your business and how much you’ll use the internet to market your products or services, you’ll always need business cards for project pitches, networking events, and chance meetings. Maybe you’re starting your business one step at a time and don’t have a website yet. Either way, your business card is essential.

    • One initial design
    • Up to four rounds of revisions
    • Final design provided in print-ready PDF file

Brand Book

Comprehensive Brand Book PDF including everything from your creative brief, all verbal brand elements, and all visual brand elements in one easy-to-use document, along with your business card design. Your brand book will serve as the foundation for all future branding and marketing strategy and initiatives.

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