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Small Business Brand Identity

High quality content and consistent brand messaging play a fundamental role in building trust, promoting services, and growing your business.

Mighty brands for small businesses

MOMO Digital Design can help you define your brand through strategic messaging and a unified visual identity. We develop brands that help you stand out from the competition and compel your target audience to take action.

Our branding identity packages have been thoughtfully created for small businesses with up to five products or services.

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  • The basics any start-up venture or small business needs to get up and running

    We’ll help you identify and articulate your company’s key objectives, unique attributes, and write descriptions for your products or services that speak to your target audience. We’ll also create a logo with fonts and colors to support your brand and create recognition. With your basic verbal and visual brand elements in place, we’ll then create a business card for up to two team members – so you can get networking right away!

  • $2,800 – $3,200
    4-6 weeks
  • Research and Discovery

    • Review Your Answers to Our Questionnaire
    • 30-Minute Interview with You
    • Creative Brief

    Verbal Identity Elements (Writing)

    • Tagline
    • About/Boilerplate Description
    • Unique Selling Proposition
    • Up to 5 Product or Service Descriptions

    Visual Identity Elements (Design)

    • Full Color Palette
    • Font Styles
    • Logo Design

    Marketing Materials

    • Double-Sided Business Card Design (up to two team members)

    Brand Guide
    Abbreviated Brand Book PDF including all your verbal and visual brand elements in one easy-to-use document

  • MO
  • Full brand identity development that explores, identifies, and articulates your brand

    MO services create a strong brand identity and enable you to stand out from the competition, go the distance, and maximize your marketing ROI. We help define your voice, tone, look, objectives, messaging – and the perceptions you want to create with consumers.

    This package lets you handle the roll-out of your new brand. We simply serve up a fantastic new brand and let you take it from there.

  • $10,000 – $11,500
    6-8 weeks
  • ALL MINI-MO services, PLUS much more:

    Research and Discovery

    • Market Research

    Strategy and Conception

    • 2-3 Brand Concepts

    Verbal Identity Elements (Writing)

    • Brand Positioning
    • Core Values
    • Brand Pillars
    • Key Message Benefit Statements

    Visual Identity Elements (Design)

    • Alternate Logo Design
    • Five Stock Photos from
    • Typography Selection
    • Identify photography Style

    Brand Book
    Comprehensive Brand Book PDF including all your verbal and visual brand elements in one easy-to-use document


  • All the same comprehensive brand identity services as MO PLUS a 6-month communications plan and implementation

    MOMO services create a strong brand identity that communicates your value. With your new brand elements established, we will then create a communications plan and write the content needed to roll out your brand over a six-month period.

  • $16,000 – $17,500
    8-10 weeks to prepare
  • ALL MO services, PLUS a 6-Month Communications Plan and Implementation

    Don’t Miss Reaching Key Audiences When You Launch Your New Brand

    • Communications Planning
    • Press Release
    • E-Newsletter Announcements
    • Written Communications for Internal Audiences
    • Blog Post
    • Social Media Announcements

The services above are packaged for small businesses. If you’re part of a large organization, please contact us about expanded brand identity services that fit your needs.