Brand Identity & E-Commerce Website Design/Development // Harris & Stearns

Harris & Stearns Tampa brand identityThe owners at Harris & Stearns contacted us to improve their online presence and create an e-commerce website to replace their static, out-of-date website. As soon as we started working with them, however, it became clear to us that they needed much more than a new website and social media channels. What they needed was a brand.

To define and clarify their brand, we worked with the Harris & Stearns team to identify and express their organization’s brand personality, differentiators, and mission. We used our findings to create clear messaging to attract a new target audience – which we helped them to identify. By identifying and developing a cohesive verbal and visual brand identity, we effectively positioned them as modern and relevant while maintaining their nearly 90-year history of providing old-fashioned customer service and loyalty.

With their new brand identity in place, we developed compelling website copy that clearly communicates who they are and the value they provide.